Titan Mining Services


Titan is the only company with the ability to design, test and produce both wheels and tires for the mining market. Because of this unique ability, Titan has created Titan Mining Services (TMS) to offer complete tire, wheel and track services to end users near large mines. 

Titan Mining Services is able to provide you with proper information regarding tires, and the rim and components they should be mounted on. It also offers site visits to determine which tire best suits the application in which the tire will be utilized. A TMS representative will determine the site tMpH and recommend which compound and tire to use. Titan Mining Services is also able to service your Titan product on-site.


SWT Titan Mining Service, Ltd. Fort MacKay, Alberta, Canada
Aros del Pacifico SAC Lima, Peru
Redburn Titan Mining Services Lima, Peru
Aros del Pacifico SA Santiago, Chile
Titan Mining Services Chile Santiago, Chile
Titan Wheels South Africa Pty Ltd Nuffield Springs, South Africa
Titan Australia, Head Office Sydney, Australia
National Tyre Perth, Australia
Acme Wheel & Rim (Division of National Tyre) Perth, Australia